1. Project

  2. The Project

    The Quipu Project is collaborating with rural communities affected by Peru's sterilization campaign to develop a communication system that will enable them to speak up and tell their stories to the world using their phones.

    This interactive documentary aims to collect and share the testimonies of some of the 300,000 women and men who were sterilised in the 1990s - many of whom were forced to do so or did not give their informed consent.

    Inspired by the Quipu, an Inca communication system made of knotted threads, the project is creating a collective string of oral histories. Contributors can record and listen to themselves and others, through an interactive phone line and local radio stations, while connecting to a wider audience through the web.

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  3. A film made by Greg Browning and Matt Davenport

    REACT - Future Documentary Sandbox

    Future Documentary Sandbox is an AHRC funded programme that provided support and time to research the initial proof of concept and develop the first prototype for the Quipu Project.

    We began by asking how an interactive documentary could be created and experienced across the digital divide. In this sense, we engaged with the possibilities that rise from the idea of bringing off-line elements which do not usually lend themselves to ‘liveness’ into an on-line platform.

    The intense, supported and mentored REACT programme has allowed us to advance from the idea stage to a first prototype and we learned how the future of documentary, as we see it, lies in pushing the boundaries of the genre to explore how digital technologies and storytelling can work together to create meaningful, accessible and inclusive experiences.

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